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Pure, natural, unblemished. The fibers used to create our four-ply camelhair knitwear are undyed, untouched by chemicals, and expertly spun in England. The hair or “hair-wool” used in our sweaters originates from those on the underbelly of the Two-Humped Bactrain Camel, native to the Gobi Desert. Their two-layered coat consists of guard hair and undercoat. The former is often used in blends while the latter is ideal for fine gauge yarns used in knitwear. Hair from the inner coat can grow up to five inches in length, with a diameter ranging between 5-40 microns—comparable to some types of cashmere. Warmer than just about any wool, camelhair has remarkable insulating properties, due in part to the high concentration of lanolin (waxy-oil) found within their coat. Used by the Berbers to make rugs, tents, and cloaks, camelhair's insulating properties help the animal to survive the frigid desert evenings. Perhaps our coziest offering, camelhair is the perfect weight, with breathable warmth.