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Dents has been honing its skills as a glove maker since 1777 and has supplied specialty gloves for coronations, championship motor car races, official state occasions, and popstar concerts. Though they only recently received a Royal Warrant from Prince Charles in 2016, the company has been crafting for royalty for centuries, providing coronation gloves for HM Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria and they also produced commemorative Jubilee gloves for Queen Victoria. From classic English racing gloves to cotton debutant gloves, thick winter gloves to crochet gloves, Dents continues to produce a wide array of products, suiting even the most discerning tastes. We have a collection of leather winter gloves for Men and Women, including a range of classic styles crafted in durable materials. Additionally, we offer styles worn by James Bond in Skyfall and Rose from the PBS period drama Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge.