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Holland & Sherry Classic Flannel Collection HS 1775

Holland and Sherry Cloth

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30 - 45 Day Turn-Around
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100% Wool Worsted; Various Weights
Holland & Sherry
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Cloth Woven in Scotland and Tailored in England
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Holland & Sherry Classic Flannel Collection HS 1775

The Lanam Shop’s semi-custom tailoring program is the “perfect fit” for the on-the-go individual. Design your perfect look from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. An unmatched range of materials, mills, and finishing options are available, at your convenience. Choosing the perfect piece can be difficult (especially online), so we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision, before you buy. View all of our clothing patterns, size charts, options (with illustrations), and most popular looks. Download our printer-friendly guide here.

"WOOL WORSTED-FLANNEL PLAINS: Our latest flannel collection is a mix of classic and contemporary coloured solids that are available in a variety of weights and wool qualities.

Flannel fabrics are both comfortable and warm to wear, they have excellent drape and crease recovery properties making them one of the most popular choices for autumn and winter attire." -Holland & Sherry

CLASSIC FLANNEL HS1775 Various Weights

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Product Features:

  • 21 - 45 Day turn-around, depending on cloth and seasonal demand (15-20 rush available on select items only).
  • Cloth woven in Scotland & England
  • Tailored in England
  • Imported Duty-Free to The USA and Canada
  • Free Shipping in our elegant packaging