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Holland & Sherry Sherry Tweed Collection HS 2188

Holland and Sherry Cloth

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30 - 45 Day Turn-Around
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100% Lambswool; 340-380gm 11-12oz
Holland & Sherry
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Cloth Woven in Scotland and Tailored in England
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Holland & Sherry Sherry Tweed Collection HS 2188

The Lanam Shop’s semi-custom tailoring program is the “perfect fit” for the on-the-go individual. Design your perfect look from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. An unmatched range of materials, mills, and finishing options are available, at your convenience. Choosing the perfect piece can be difficult (especially online), so we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision, before you buy. View all of our clothing patterns, size charts, options (with illustrations), and most popular looks. Download our printer-friendly guide here.

"100% LAMBSWOOL JACKETING: An icon of Scottish textiles – tweed fabric with its rustic charm truly channels the spirit of Scotland’s rolling hills and rugged shores.

Our journey begins in New Zealand where the mild climate, moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine create an ideal environment for some of the world’s finest non-mulesed, wool-producing sheep.

We have selected pure virgin wool, guaranteed to be the first clip from lambs born the previous year. Thriving in areas of clean water and lush vegetation, the molecular structure of the wool fibre is consistent and uncontaminated by vegetable matter, making it soft to touch and durable to wear. The wool is quite coarse around 28µ providing the fabric with its crisp and prickly handle that typifies a true tweed fabric.

Once harvested, the wool is woven and finished in the UK in the traditional, time-honoured way.

With their unique, enchanting vibrancy, the designs in this comprehensive collection capture the essence of classic tweed whilst incorporating a contemporary colour palette. Warm and soft to touch, attractive and durable, contemporary yet traditional, this classic collection represents the ultimate tweed." -Holland & Sherry

SHERRY TWEED HS 2188 340-380gm 11-12oz

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Product Features:

  • 21 - 45 Day turn-around, depending on cloth and seasonal demand (15-20 rush available on select items only).
  • Cloth woven in Scotland & England
  • Tailored in England
  • Imported Duty-Free to The USA and Canada
  • Free Shipping in our elegant packaging