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Viyella Sport Shirts

“Cool when its hot, and warm when it’s not” accurately describes this all-natural performance material. The first patented fiber ever, Viyella fabric is a blend of fine Merino wool and cotton. Originally invented by a centuries-old English hosiery manufacturer in 1893, the fabric quickly revolutionized English fashion for both men and women. Replacing common materials like chambray, the then distinct advantages of Viyella included breathability, washability, and versatility. The fabric allowed air to naturally radiate though the fibers, maintaining a comfortable homeostasis, even in the harshest conditions. Moreover, the unique blending process allowed crafted garments to wash without shrinking. Viyella was quickly transformed into shirts, jacket linings, and tailored clothing. Today this great material is still produced in a handsome array of tattersalls, plaids, and solids. A favorite for over 125 years.