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Pima Cotton

While bearing the name of a Native American tribe responsible for first cultivating this type of cotton in the United States, Pima cotton originated in Peru centuries before its introduction to the New World. Grown in high altitude regions of Peru and coastal plains, the unique microclimates are responsible for some of the natural and remarkable characteristics of Pima cotton. Extra-long-staple (ELS), Pima Cotton fibers are significantly longer than traditional cotton fibers, such as Upland Cotton, grown in the United States. Not all pima cotton is what it purports to be. True pima cotton has a staple length in excess of 1 3/8 inches, whereas traditional cotton is less than half of that. This additional length allows for fibers to be spun tighter and stronger. The result is a beautifully knitted garment that yields a tight knit yet remains cool and breathable. Moisture wicks away, drying quickly and leaving a crisp cooling sensation.