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Cashmere Unisex Cable Knit Gloves

Cashmere Unisex Cable Knit Gloves

The Lanam Shop

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Our three-ply cashmere cable knit gloves are fashioned expressly for The Lanam Shop using the finest cashmere fiber from Mongolia. Crafted by hand in Hawick, Scotland using Z. Hinchliffe & Sons of yarn, our three-ply unisex cable knit cashmere gloves deliver unsurpassed quality and value. Careful attention to detail is evident throughout the 30-step crafting process. Cashmere accessories are knitted on antique machines, hand-linked, and washed using mineral-rich water from The River Teviot. Our cashmere winter gloves are offered in an array of colors, ensuring there is a shade perfect for you.

Product Features:

  • One Size
  • Three-Ply Cashmere
  • Z. Hinchliffe & Sons yarn
  • Hand-wash only in cold water with mild detergent then air dry flat
  • Made in Scotland
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