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Women's V-Neck Cashmere Sweaters

Some women prefer V-neck sweaters to crewneck sweaters because of the added room at the neckline. Other women prefer V-neck sweaters, because the natural taper accentuates the shoulders and elongates the torso. Whatever your reason may be, you can be sure that women's V-neck cashmere sweaters from The Lanam Shop are among the most comfortable and well-crafted sweaters you will ever wear. Offered in a wealth of different colors, our V-neck sweaters are handcrafted with high-quality cashmere that is monitored from goat to stitch. Combining the classic appeal of V-neck sweaters with the superior feel of cashmere, a women's V-neck cashmere sweater from The Lanam Shop will be the last V-neck you'll ever own (unless you'd like another one from us in a different color).