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Vicuña & Guanaco

“Gold of the Andes” is a phrase aptly used to describe the wool collected from wild Vicuña herds. Decadently soft and rich with deep, natural color owning a piece of Vicuña is nothing short of a true luxury. Living in the high-altitude plateaus of Peru, this once endanger species has made a remarkable comeback due to strict conservation regulations. Closely related to Llamas and second in softness only to the Vicuña, Guanacos can run almost as fast as a tiger and are regarded as one of the most adaptable animals in the world. Both animals live in altitudes in excess of 4,000 meters above sea level. Our Vicuña products come with certification from the Peruvian government guaranteeing authenticity, purity, and regulatory compliance. We offer a unique collection of knitwear, tailored clothing, and accessories in pure and blended materials.