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Men's Vicuña & Guanaco Sweaters, Coats, Stoles, Wraps, and Scarves

Men's Vicuña & Guanaco Sweaters, Coats, and Scarves

"Gold of the Andes" is an accurate phrase used to describe the wool collected from wild vicuña herds. Characterized by a decadently soft touch and rich with deep, natural color owning a men’s vicuña sweater is or a pure vicuña scarf is nothing short of a true luxury. Guanacos are closely related to llamas and second in softness only to vicuñas. We offer a selection of guanaco scarves and stoles— ideal for cooler weather. Our vicuña scarves, men’s coats, sweaters & cardigans, and other apparel and accessories come with certification from the Peruvian government guaranteeing authenticity, purity, and regulatory compliance. Order your piece of vicuña knitwear today and get ready to experience a new level of softness.