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Women's Floris London Perfume, Soap, Bath & Shower Gel, Lotion and Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap

Offering an exceptional collection of women’s perfumes from Floris London, the focus of our women’s toiletries collection is centered on quality products from England. We offer Floris soaps, bath & shower gels, shampoo, bath essence, and lotions in popular fragrances like White Rose, Edwardian Bouquet, Cefiro, and Lily of the Valley. We also offer Floris eau de toilettes in Night Scented Jasmin and Soulle Ambar. From the Floris Private Collection, we offer a range of fragrances including Cherry Blossom, A Rose For…, and Negroli Voyage. For the true aficionado of English country life, we offer a selection of Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soaps and lotions.