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Women's Luxury Vicuña and Guanaco Sweaters, Clothing, Scarves, stoles, Wraps, Ponchos,  and More

Women's Luxury Vicuña and Guanaco Sweaters, Clothing, and Accessories

They call it "The Gold of the Andes"— and rightfully so. The wool from wild vicuña herds has been a prized position since the times of the Incas. Known for its nearly impossible softness and lustrous, deep color our women’s vicuña clothing is the epitome of luxury. Second in softness to only vicuña, the guanaco is a high-altitude relative of the llama—living in the Andes mountains at altitudes exceeding 13,000 feet. At The Lanam Shop, we carry a wide selection of women’s vicuña sweaters and knitwear and timeless women’s guanaco scarves and stoles. Our selection of pure vicuña scarf styles, guanaco stoles & scarves, vicuña coats & jackets, and vicuña wraps are offered in both undyed natural and colors. We also offer Johnstons of Elgin vicuña scarf and stole styles—including vicuña and cashmere blends.