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Cashmere, Alpaca, and Vicuna Capes, Shawls, and Stoles

The key to staying comfortable when the weather gets cooler is layering. Big, bulky, scratchy clothing is uncomfortable and inefficient. At The Lanam Shop, we offer a tremendous selection of men's and women's sweaters as the first step toward cool-weather comfort. When it's a little too cool for a sweater, but not cold enough for full outerwear, layering a cape, shawl, or stole is often just what you need. That's why we carry a vast array of cashmere stoles, alpaca capes, vicuna shawls, and more in a spectrum of colors. And, because they are from The Lanam Shop, you can expect the highest-quality luxury possible. So, please take a moment to browse our entire selection of capes, shawls, and stoles today.