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Royal Alpaca Cape

Royal Alpaca Cape


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An updated take on our classic walking cape, this piece features a shorter finished length. Yards of elegant Royal Alpaca cloth gently flow with you as you move. Effortlessly chic and always comfortable, this piece can be both a sweater or added to layers to become outwear. Cleverly cut to disguise a natural shoulder groove, these alpaca capes will stay in place as you walk. The edges are hand rolled and trimmed in matching satin cloth. Envelop yourself in the rich, soft folds of our classic Royal Alpaca cape.

Royal Alpaca accounts for less than three-percent of fibers shed by young adult alpacas. Their long, lightweight hair lends well to being spun into durable, soft yarn and the natural variation in hair color permits a diverse range of finished colors. The meticulous and labor-intensive process begins with combing and separating the royal fibers from the coat. Once collected, these thin, long fibers are dyed, blended, and spun into yarn

Product Features:

  • Sizes: One-Size
  • Color offerings: Black and Camel
  • 70% Royal Suri Alpaca 30% Sheep Wool
  • Exclusive yarns
  • Professional Dry Clean Only
  • Made in Peru

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