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Grecian Vermeil Flatware Collection

Grecian Vermeil Flatware Collection

Carrs Silver

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Few things impress quite like a well-set table. Crafted for us by Carrs Silver of Sheffield, England our collection of fine English vermeil (silver gilt) is of the highest possible quality. Since their inception, Carrs has been devoted to producing the finest quality flatware and accessories. Consistently honing their skills, their craftsmanship is unmistakable and has earned them countless prominent commissions and accolades. They have produced silver services for Michelin star restaurants, palaces, embassies, and some of the finest private residences. Extremely heavy-weight, their impeccably crafted vermeil pieces will make for a truly remarkable family heirloom.

Vermeil (or silver gilt as it is called in England) refers to a piece of sterling silver (or pure silver) that has been given a gold wash, resulting in a finished product that looks to be made of gold. The sterling silver base used to craft vermeil flatware at Carrs is 925 parts per 1000 silver and 75 parts per 1000 other metals, such as copper. This traditional alloy strengths the soft silver metal enabling it to be used as cutlery. A flawless glimmering finish is applied by the skilled workers at Carrs. With time and use a beautiful golden patina will develop. Best described as an “internal glow” this highly desirable optical effect is the result of microscopic surface scratches, which reflect light. The more you use it, the prettier it will be. It should be noted that the main cutlery service used at office state banquets at The White House is vermeil.

Since Carrs makes these pieces to order, a variety of personalization can be made including knife blade style, blade finish, engraving, hallmarks, and gold embellishments. To learn more about Carrs and their techniques, or to commission a full silver service please call us at 1 (833) Lanam-33 and ask to be connected to the silver department. We will also be happy to arrange for these pieces to be part of a wedding registry. Since these pieces are crafted upon commission, they will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete. Additional customizations may cost more. Vermeil is billed based on the market price of gold and silver when the commission is taken.

The cutlery silhouettes shown depict standard designs available in this pattern from Carrs. Serving pieces are also available.

Product Features:

  • Sterling Silver (92.5% purity) with a gold wash (either fully covering the piece, or detailing specific areas)
  • Handmade in England
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