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Tulipe Silverplate Flatware Collection

Tulipe Silverplate Flatware Collection


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Chambly has been handcrafting superior silverplate flatware in France since 1894.

Chambly is the largest manufacturer of better flatware in France. It offers the most extensive collection of flatware patterns combined with the greatest variety of different pieces in each style. Chambly flatware is silverplated on a nickel silver body to the highest French standard.

The silver content on each piece is guaranteed by the #1 square stamp, granted by the French Authorities (law of July 1st, 1983) and affixed on each piece. To provide an even better value, each current piece of Chambly flatware is over plated to a high of over 33 microns of pure silver.

Product Features:

  • 33 Micron Plating
  • Handmade in France
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