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Martelé Silverplate Cocktail Coupe

Martelé Silverplate Cocktail Coupe

Robbe & Berking

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The Martelé Bar Collection is comprised of a range of bar accessories, beautifully hand-hammered by the expert silversmiths at Robbe and Berking. Every piece is carefully crafted and perfectly weighted. Ranging between 90-150g of silver plating, these pieces are designed to withstand repeated, heavy use. A wonderful addition to your bar, or a friend’s.

Characterized as “massive” plating, the silverplate standards of Robbe and Berking are the highest in the world. Plated to 150g (60 microns) the remarkably thick plating applied by the silversmiths at Robbe and Berking has a global patent. With most fine French silverplate between 90-120g, Robbe and Berking has them beat. The added silver coating increases the longevity of the piece and their patented application process further extends the life of the silver coating—perhaps that is why the decades-old Robbe and Berking silver service at Claridge’s in London still gleams beautifully.

Product Features:

  • Size: 4.5" D x 5" H
  • Silverplate (90g)
  • Handmade in Germany
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