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Riva THE BOX with Frozen Black Knife Blades in Sterling Silver

Riva THE BOX with Frozen Black Knife Blades in Sterling Silver

Robbe & Berking

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As casual dining becomes the norm THE BOX by Robbe & Berking brings a touch of civility to the dining table. An elegant mix of contemporary style and classic flatware design, THE BOX is a must-have addition to any well-appointed dining area. This functional centerpiece is designed to hold sterling silver or 150g silverplate Robbe & Berking flatware. Crafted in Flensburg, Germany and Denmark. Cutlery crafted in Germany.

THE BOX: (6) Menu Forks, (6) Menu Knives (Frozen Black), (6) Menu Spoons, and (6) Coffee Spoons in one modern storage chest.

Simple, yet briming with character—the Riva sterling flatware range is offered in more than 40 pieces. Designed by Wilfried Moll, the Robbe & Berking Riva pattern serves as an homage to the Firm’s history as a yacht builder and outfitter. The bowl of the spoon is designed to emulate the form of the prow of a classic 12-meter yacht. The simplicity of the pattern, while versatile and attractive, gives rise to its undeniable character.

To inquire about the Robbe & Berking Riva THE BOX with Frozen Black Knife Blades in Sterling Silver, please call the silver department 1 (833) Lanam-33. The Lanam Shop is proud to work with Robbe & Berking. A specifications sheet is available, upon request. Engraving is available—please contact us to discuss potential options. Engraving is done by hand and may take days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the request. We are happy to arrange for a piece (or a full set) to be part of a wedding registry. These pieces are usually in-stock and will dispatch within three to four weeks

Product Features:

  • Sterling Silver (92.5% Purity)
  • Handmade in Germany
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