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Oval Covered Candy Box in Sterling Silver

Oval Covered Candy Box in Sterling Silver

Wiener Silber

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The Wiener Silber Manufactur has been producing items for the finest Austrian homes since 1882. Their unique partnerships with artists, designers, and forward-thinkers has helped propel Wiener Silber to international renowned. They have produced pieces for kings, sultans, prime ministers, celebrities, and discerning collectors of objet d’art. Their remarkable scope of offerings ranges from traditional Austrian design to daring modern forms. With uncompromising handmade quality as their guiding principle, the “manufactur” actively seeks the contributions of both established designers and relative new-comers. Highly trained artisans with years (if not decades) of experience bring life to award-winning designs.

While pieces crafted by Wiener Silber are marked “sterling”, the atelier uses an alloy comprised of 94% silver, rather than the traditional 92.5% silver. Since there is no recognized assay mark for items with a composition of 94% silver, the pieces are marked as “sterling”. The extra silver creates a deeper luster, further slows the rate of tarnishing, and helps prevent clouding.

To inquire about this piece, please call the silver department 1 (833) Lanam-33. The Lanam Shop is proud to work with Wiener Silber. Engraving is available—please contact us to discuss potential options. This piece may take a month, or two to produce.

Product Features:

  • Silver (94% purity)
  • Handmade in Austria
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