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Women's Cashmere Cable Bedsocks

Women's Cashmere Cable Bedsocks

The Lanam Shop

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Our two-ply Cashmere cable bedsocks are the perfect accessory for cold weather and cold sheets! Fashioned expressly for The Lanam Shop in Hawick, Scotland, our socks are made with Cashmere wool from Mongolia and surrounding regions. The yarn is spun by Z. Hinchliffe & Sons of Yorkshire and combined with nylon to enhance the sock's shape and ensure longer wear. Our two-ply Cashmere socks deliver unsurpassed quality, value, comfort and warmth.

One Size Sock Best Fits Shoe Sizes:

  • US 6-9
  • UK 4-7
  • EU 37-41

Product Features:

  • 85% Cashmere 15% Nylon
  • Hand-linked to seam
  • Handwash in cold water with mild detergent, then air dry (preferably flat.) Socks may also be professionally dry cleaned.
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