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Camel Hair Shawl Collar Cardigan

Camel Hair Shawl Collar Cardigan

The Lanam Shop

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When the weather turns cold, our four-ply men’s camelhair shawl cardigan is the answer. Beautifully knitted in Hawick, Scotland expressly for The Lanam Shop. Utilizing hair from the soft underbelly of the Two-Humped Bactrain Camel, the yarn is spun by Z. Hinchliffe & Sons of Yorkshire. The camelhair used is refined for additional softness but is not dyed, nor is it exposed to chemicals during the manufacturing process— making it an ideal option for those with sensitive skin. The rich rib pattern of this shawl cardigan sweater is brought to life using antique knitting machines. Careful attention to detail is evident throughout the 30-step manufacturing process, much of which is done by hand. The panels of this men’s camel hair cardigan sweater are hand-linked, feature entirely hand-sewn finishings, and washed with soft water from The River Teviot. Ribbed cuffs, waistband, and collar blend seamlessly with the rib pattern of the sweater. This cardigan has real leather buttons that are hand-fashioned and hand-attached, and the pocket detailing is crafted by hand. Offered in our signature undyed finish, this camel hair cardigan sweater will provide cozy warmth and tasteful styling for many years to come. Handmade in Scotland.

Product Features:

  • Sizes: X-Small through XXX-Large
  • Classic Fit
  • Four-Ply Camelhair
  • Z. Hinchliffe & Sons yarn
  • Hand-wash in cold water with mild detergent and air dry flat or Dry Clean
  • Made in Scotland
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