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Men's Super Geelong & Lambswool Sweaters

To be considered lambswool, fibers must be collected from the first clipping of lambs (no older than seven months) and have a total length of 50mm, or less. While lambswool can be collected from any variety of lambs, The Lanam Shop uses lambswool from pedigree sheep in Southern Australia. Revered for both its softness and incredible warmth-to-weight ratio, our lambswool is of the finest quality and is offered in two-ply for added durability. Similarly, our super Geelong offerings hail from the pedigree Merino herds of Geelong, Australia. With a micron measurement of 15 or less, our Geelong is considered to be of "superfine quality." Moreover, the Geelong wool used also meets the criteria to be considered lambswool. This incredible combination of age, pedigree, and fiber size contributes to the unparalleled warmth and softness of our men's super Geelong & Lambswool sweaters.