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Super-Fine Geelong Lambswool V-Neck Sweater

Super-Fine Geelong Lambswool V-Neck Sweater

The Lanam Shop

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Our one-ply Geelong Lambswool men’s V-neck sweater is made expressly for The Lanam Shop with the finest lambswool fiber from Geelong, Australia. Made by hand in Hawick, Scotland with yarns spun by Z. Hinchliffe & Sons of Yorkshire, our men’s Geelong sweaters afford the wearer softness and lightweight, breathable warmth. Bred to accentuate their superfine wool coat, decedents from the original Geelong flock still produce the wool used to make our men’s Geelong sweaters. Moreover, since the wool used is collected before the lambs turn seven months of age, it is also considered to be lambswool. The sweater panels are knitted on antique machinery, hand-linked, hand-sewn, and washed with water from The River Teviot. Our one-ply men’s Geelong V-neck sweater is offered in a range of colors, perfect for layering. This sweater features hand-set details including ribbed turn-back cuffs, ribbed collar, and ribbed waist. Handmade in Scotland.

Product Features:

  • Sizes: X-Small through XX-Large
  • Contemporary Fit
  • One-Ply Super-Fine Geelong Lambswool
  • Z. Hinchliffe & Sons yarn
  • Hand-wash in cold water with mild detergent and air dry flat or Dry Clean
  • Made in Scotland
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