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Lovat Mill Lambswool Lavender Scented Sofa Throw

Lovat Mill Lambswool Lavender Scented Sofa Throw

Lovat Mill

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Pure lambswool throw scented with a lavender aroma. Via microencapsulation, microscopic glass beads filled with pure lavender extract are woven into the blanket. With time and use, these beads will release their subtle lavender fragrance. Lavender is known to have calming properties and is often used in evening face/body creams and sleep aids. So cover-up and snuggle-up and let the lavender essence do the rest… The fragrance will only release with direct interaction with the blanket. Don’t fear cleaning this “rug” either—dry cleaning will not strip the microencapsulated lavender essence… the beads are there for life! Made for us by Lovat Mill in Hawick, Scotland. A world-renowned mill, Lovat produces the finest tweeds, many of which are used by top Savile Row firms, under a private label—affectionately referred to as “the home of tweed.”

Product Features:

  • Size: 60” W x 71” L (from tip of fringe, to tip of fringe)
  • 100% Lambswool
  • Made in Scotland
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