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Marsan Vermeil Cutlery Collection

Marsan Vermeil Cutlery Collection


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For over 300 years, Odiot has worked to develop and perfect their renowned collection of cutlery. With a range of patterns and styles, covering many different periods of the French decorative arts Odiot is committed to maintaining the traditional techniques of “Haute Orfèvrerie”.

The Odiot atelier uses a “1st grade” sterling alloy, consisting essentially of silver (minimum of 925/1000 of silver) and a tiny amount of copper, which reinforces the alloy. This is melted into ingots, rolled to the different thicknesses necessary to manufacture the cutlery, and then cut into “blanks”. Each blank is then arched and stamped on a steel matrix. The hand-etched metal stamping blocks contain the cutlery motif in reverse. The individual pieces are then trimmed, hand-chased, and filed, further refining the motif. At the end of the journey, the polishing experts reveal a beautiful, gleaming patina—which will last for generations.

ODIOT is made to order in France. Please allow two to three months for the item(s) to be crafted. Items from this collection can be personalized with custom engravings. To discuss options, please contact The Lanam Shop silver department by calling 1 (833) Lanam-33.

Product Features:

  • Sterling Silver (92.5% Purity)
  • Handmade in France
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