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Plain Sterling Silver Corkscrew

Plain Sterling Silver Corkscrew

Robbe & Berking

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Makers of the finest ‘Silber’ since 1874, Robbe and Berking is a thriving precious metals producer. Under the larger umbrella of the ‘Robbe and Berking’ name, the Company has three main components: a precious metals design and manufacturing house, a precious metals commodities investment division, and a celebrated yacht yard where new boats are outfitted and old ones restored. The designs of Robbe and Berking are based on classic originals, often with a modern twist. Their sterling silver and silverplate is regarded as some of the finest in the world. Their ‘sterling’ reputation has literally earned them a place at the table at over 250 worldwide culinary hotspots—including 150 Michelin-star rated restaurants. Their work can also be found at five-star luxury hotels and resorts, private aircrafts, embassies, and royal palaces.

The sterling silver Robbe and Berking uses to create their holloware and trays is 925 parts per 1000 silver and 75 parts per 1000 other metals, such as copper. This traditional alloy strengths the soft silver metal enabling it to be used regularly. A flawless mirror finish is applied by the skilled silversmiths at Robbe and Berking. With time and use a natural, beautiful patina will develop. Best described as an “internal glow” this highly desirable optical effect is the result of microscopic surface scratches, which reflect light. The more you use it, the prettier it will be. Since Robbe and Berking includes a highly regarded precious metals investment division in-house, you be assured the silver you are buying is of the highest possible quality.

Product Features:

  • Sterling silver (92.5% purity)
  • Handmade in Germany
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