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Red Lacquered Flatware Storage Chest

Red Lacquered Flatware Storage Chest

Robbe & Berking

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Cutlery Capacity

Designed and crafted by Robbe & Berking, this modern wood flatware storage chest is finished in a high-gloss version of the Robbe & Berking signature red color. The interior of this silverware chest is lined with tarnish resistant clothing, making use after extended periods of storage easy. This is an excellent way to preserve your investment for future generations.

This flatware chest is designed for Robbe & Berking flatware only. There is no set layout as each chest is fitted specifically for your pattern and set contents. Please contact Customer Service by calling 1 (833) Lanam-33 or emailing

Cutlery Capacity

Number of Drawers




17 1/10” x 13 4/5” x 8 7/10”



18 3/5” x 15 4/5” x 8 9/10”



24 3/5” x 14 2/5" x 14 4/5”

Product Features:

  • Handmade in Germany
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