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Women's Floris London Perfumes,  Soaps, Bath & Shower Gels, and Lotions and Wool Fat Soap By Mitchell's of England

Luxury Women's Toiletries from Floris London and Mitchell's Lanolin Soap of Bradford, England

Our selection of English-made fine fragrances and bath accessories from Floris London, perfumer & soap maker to both The Queen of England and The Prince of Wales, is comprised of a selection of their most popular fragrances. Timeless essences like Lily of the Valley, White Rose, and Rose Geranium are offered in a selection of eau de toilets, soaps, lotions, and bath & shower gels. Private Collection creations like Floris London Neroli Voyage, Floris Bergamotto di Positano, and Floris Cherry Blossom have proved very popular. For a delightfully English bath, we suggest Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap— rich with natural lanolin and lightly fragranced, this collection of soap, lotion, and shampoo has been soothing and enriching skin since the early 1930’s.