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Luxury Tableware: Pewter Candlesticks & Dishes, Sterling Silver Tableware, and More

The dinner table. It's where meals are shared, of course. It's also where events of the day are conveyed and relationships strengthened. It's where so many laughs are shared and many tears are shed. It's where the holiday cards are signed and the game nights are set up. There is perhaps no other item you own that says home quite like the dinner table.

At the Lanam Shop, we take all of this to heart when we curate luxury tableware for you. From pewter candlesticks, to sterling silver tableware, to crystal stemware, and more, our goal is to offer your tableware that is befitting of your best moments. What those pieces will be is up to you. If you feel inclined, we are always happy to see pictures of your new tableware in your home, as well.