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Women's Cashmere Sweaters


Referred to within the knitwear industry as the “fiber of kings”, high-quality, pure cashmere is a luxury product often mass-produced with dubious quality and specious marketing. The finest quality cashmere can trace its origins to the soft, fleece-like undercoat of the Kashmir goat indigenous to northeastern Asia. Their dingy, coarse outer layer protects from bitter winds and freezing rains, while the soft inner coat is nearly pure white in color, exceptionally soft, and exceedingly warm. In order to remove the fine inner hair and leave the undesirable outer layer attached, tradition dictates that the Kashmir goats should be gently brushed with a fine-tooth comb. Mass production often sheers the entire coat, thus mixing the soft and coarse layers, the dark and pure white wool, resulting in a poor-quality yarn. Unable to hold dye well, this inferior cashmere will not only be dull in appearance, but also lack the softness and warmth cashmere is known for. Our Cashmere products are produced with Cashmere wool from the undercoat of the Kashmir goats of Mongolia. The resulting fiber is sorted, graded, dyed, and spun by master spinners in the English countryside. Women's sweaters are crafted in a range of one-six ply.