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Women's Scottish Cashmere Sweaters and Jumpers from Johnstons of Elgin

Women's Scottish Cashmere Sweaters and Jumpers

Often referred to as the "fiber of kings" in the knitwear industry, Scottish cashmere knitwear is among the finest in the world. Our women's Scottish cashmere sweaters and jumpers are produced with cashmere wool hand-combed from the undercoat of Mongolia Kashmir goats. The result is unmatched warmth and softness. At The Lanam Shop, we offer a variety of women's Johnstons of Elgin cashmere sweaters, including crew neck sweaters, cardigans, full-zip cashmere sweaters, short sleeve shells, and more— in a range of colors and sizes. Browse our excellent selection of fine women’s cashmere knitwear and experience the difference a luxury Scottish cashmere sweater can make.